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We provide top-notch theme support to configure our theme. If you get any problem setting up the theme or using any features, don’t be afraid, we’ve got your back

3 thoughts on “Awesome Support

  1. Hi Guys,
    Firstly I want to congratulate and thank you on creating a great theme.
    There is just one slight issue and I would really appreciate your help.
    I have created a custom drop-down menu and assigned it to the top bar, which works perfectly on a desktop/laptop, however when accessing the menu on my mobile the menu will not function correctly; it will not scroll down to show all categories/pages.

    Can you please help as I do not want to mess with the css code


    1. Hi
      Thank you for using our theme, its our pleasure.
      Please provide us the custom Menu plugin, that you have used in your site, so that we can verify.
      We have visited your site and checked in mobile and found that it have some mistakes, so please add some custom css in customizer and the problem would be solved.
      To resolve the this issue for now please copy and paste the below code to Customizer > Design Settings > Custom Design.

      @media only screen and (max-width:767px) {
      .menu-top-drop-down-menu-bar-container {
      height: calc(100% – 45px);
      overflow: auto;

      Hope this would solve your problem. Please contact us directly if you have other issue.
      And If you have others issues or required premium service please visit us at

      Looking forward to hear from you.

      The Themeidol Team

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